Pavement Ants

Pavement Ants

This Ant gets its name from commonly locating its nest in or under cracks in the pavement. Pavement Ants were introduced from Europe by early colonists. They are mostly found in the Easterner United States and in California and Washington. They have a long brown to black body with paler legs and antennae. Colonies are […]


Human Lice and the Robi Comb

These human-infesting lice receive their common names from the area of the human body that they usually infest. It must be realized that infestation of any of these is a medical problem, not a pest control problem. Adults are small between 1/16th and 1/8th inches. They are flat and dirty white to grayish black in […]


Stored Product Pests

In homes, stored product pests are commonly referred to as pantry pests and once found by the homeowner a complaint is usually made to the retailer and subsequently the manufacturer of the infested foods. In the United States the annual loss due to stored product pests was estimated to be at $1 billion dollars. The […]

Spider Bites

Spider Bites almost Never Happen

Spiders are unfairly implicated by doctors and laypeople alike for attacks on humans, but Spiders bites rarely happen for a variety of reasons including: Spiders Don’t gain Any Benefit from Biting People Biting a person does not benefit a spider, it only wastes precious venom. Other biters (Mosquitos, ticks, Chiggers, and Bedbugs) bite us because […]

Service Contracts for 2016

Service Contracts for 2016

It’s always better to be protected. Sign up now to help ensure a pest free environment in 2016. Our monthly and quarterly contracts will cover your home for rodents and most insects at an affordable price. Westex Pest Management offers free estimates and will help identify rodent entry points as well as areas susceptible to […]

Spider Beetle

Spider Beetles

The common name comes from the spider-like appearance of the adults of many species. Spider beetles are a minor pest of stored products and are usually an indication of poor sanitation practices. They are distributed worldwide but are more common in the temperate regions which includes the United States. About 50 species are found in […]