Red Ant in WestchesterAnts are one of the most well known groups of insects.  They are social insects that live in colonies which are usually located in the ground,  Ants have three body regions(head, thorax and abdomen), defined by distinct separations.  It’s necessary to know which species you are encountering because they vary widely in their food preferences and living habits.

To control and/or eliminate your ant problem Westex uses a five step process.

1. Identification – This is crucial part of control techniques.  Some species can best be controlled with insecticide baits, while others may require and/or void injections of insecticides.

2. Location of Nest – Nest location is often crucial, or at least determining where they are coming from, outside or under the structure.

3. Baiting – This often is the most effective or only way to control some ant species, such as Pharaoh Ants.

4. Perimeter Barrier Treatment – Such barrier treatments are usually effective in reducing or preventing outside entry.

5. Non-chemical Control Methods – Depending on the ant species involved, these may include one or more of the following: sanitation to remove ant food, removal of plants very attractive to ants, reducing moisture sources including condensation.

Small ants carrying green leaves, isolated on white.