Fleas in WestchesterFleas are one of the more important groups of insect pest because they not only cause discomfort by biting, but they can transmit several diseases. Adult fleas are about 1/8”.  Color brownish-black, but when full of blood will turn reddish-black.

It is not necessary to have pets in order to have fleas present.  Since fleas can jump about 6” vertically, they can easily hitch a ride.  Many vacationers might have been unaware of a few adult fleas present in their home, and are often severely attacked upon their return.  Fleas can survive if the premise has been vacant of animals and people for as long as six months.

Fleas happen to be one of the toughest insects to get rid of.  It is very important that the home owner or occupant work together with the pest control operator to eradicate the problem.

1. If pet has fleas:  The pet owner must arrange for the pet to be treated the same day the premises are being treated

2. The home owner or occupant must do the following just before treatment:  Remove all items such as toys, shoes, pillows, off the floor or carpet.  Remove all articles from under beds, on closet floors, and from under furniture.  Vacuum all upholstered furniture, floors and carpeting.  The vacuum bag must be immediately removed and placed in a plastic bag, sealed and placed in an outdoor garbage receptacle

3. Our technicians will then apply an appropriately labeled pesticide as per label instructions.  Insect growth regulators will also be applied to help prevent future infestations.  We guarantee our work for 90 days from initial treatment.

4. Lastly, vacuum, vacuum, vacuum!  Vacuuming frequently will help in the elimination of fleas that will be emerging during the first 7-10 days after treatment.  Remember to discard vacuum bag after each time you vacuum.