Westex Pest Management will provide a detailed inspection of your establishment. With over 80 years in the pest control industry, we have the “know how” to solve your pest problems and keep your business pest free.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Full inspection of property
  • Evaluation of problem (identify pest or pests problem)
  • Customize a program to fit your needs
  • Monthly, every other month, quarterly, yearly inspections
  • Integrated Pest Management – The use of all control methods available, both chemical and non chemical, with one goal, Eliminate or control your pests.

When setting up a pest management program Westex will consider, but not limit the following:

  • Where pesticides/rodenticides can and cannot be used
  • What pesticides/rodenticides may be used
  • How did pests get there
  • Communication with facility managers/workers
  • Establish a log book for pesticide labels, MSDS for materials used
  • A log sheet for facility staff to note pest sightings day to day. This will eliminate guess work, and enable your technician to concentrate in these areas.

A contract will describe the area or areas to be serviced, the frequency of service needed, determine what time of day is best to service your facility, determine a principal contact at the facility to whom we will report to and to whom we will make recommendations.

Please contact us for a free evaluation and estimate of service.