CockroachesCockroaches have been around since the beginning of time, and they are not leaving anytime soon.  They thrive in our environment, and reproduce at an astonishing rate if left untreated.  They will feed on practically anything.

Actions should be taken at the first sign of an infestation.  Remember the ones you see are only a small percentage of the infestation.  Most of the population live in the cracks and crevices and are nocturnal, moving at night when we are asleep.  Cockroaches are known to be capable of carrying many common disease pathogens as well as causing allergic reactions in many people.  By far, the most common in the US is the German cockroach.

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Cockroach control is a five step process.

1. Prevention
– This consists of inspecting all incoming items.  In apartment buildings, seal any crack and crevice so that cockroaches cannot enter from an adjoining apartment.

2. Good 
Sanitation – This practice reduces the amount of available harborage, food, and water.

3. Inspection
– A thorough inspection using a flushing agent and flashlight is key to successful control, because it determines where the cockroaches are so that treatments can be concentrated to these areas.

4. Initial Treatment
– This utilizes residual baits, insect’s growth regulators, liquids, aerosols, insect monitors and dusts.  All pesticides used are EPA approved and used to label specifications to the target insect.

5. Follow-up Treatments
– Such services consists primarily of inspection and or use of the monitoring traps to find missed or newly introduced cockroaches and treating any active infestation found.  A monthly maintenance schedule is recommended to help prevent a future infestation from forming, (see residential and commercial services).

Types of Roaches