mouseMice are the most commonly encountered rodents.  Mice are not only a nuisance, but carry disease or vectors, causing damage to structures.  They can even cause fires by gnawing on electrical wires which could cause shorts or electrical problems.

Signs of Infestation:

1. Seeing and hearing Mice – Adult mice head and body lengths are 2 ½” to 3 ½”, tail length 2 ¾”-4”.  Color is usually dusty gray but color can vary (some can be light brown to dark gray).  Scratching or pitter patter of feet usually during the night hours (mice are nocturnal creatures), are signals that they are present.

2. Gnaw Marks – New gnawing or holes in places not noticed before.

mouse_droppings3. Droppings – Probably the most common signs.  Fresh droppings are soft and moist whereas, old droppings are dried and hard (see picture).

4. Rub Marks – These are usually less noticeable to an untrained eye because of the small size of the mouse.

5. Damaged Goods – Look for items eaten through, such as cereals, seeds, breads, pet food, etc.  However mice will eat just about anything humans eat.

Control and Elimination:

The key to any mouse control program is identification, sanitation, harborage elimination, and finding points of entry.  Mice need an opening about the size of a dime to enter a premise, so finding every entry point may be difficult.  With our program, Westex will eliminate the mouse problem you currently have and with monthly monitoring will keep the problem under control.  Our Treatment program starts with a thorough inspection of the premise.  Our technicians will use the following materials, but not limited to baits, traps, and tracking powder.  We will also give you pointers on how to discourage the mice from entering, and sticking around.  For example, keeping pet food off the floor when your pet is not feeding, keeping food off counter tops (such as breads) and keeping food in sealed containers will help greatly.  Making sure points of entry such as garage door weather stripping is in good shape and seals the bottom of the door, cracks in foundation, walls are sealed, etc.

Call Westex Pest Management today and let us rid your premise of mice.  These are destructive, disease carrying vectors that must be eliminated quickly. Remember  “When we come…Pest go!!!”