Occasional Invaders

Other PestsThis group of pests might invade homes from time to time.  Although some may cause damage indoors, they do not enter a structure for this purpose.  They are typically nuisance pests which cannot survive for long indoors.

Some common occasional invaders are centipedes, millipedes, pill bugs, sow bugs, beetles, lady bugs, stink bugs and the Western conifer seed bug.

It is necessary to be able to identify which kind of pest one is encountering because the occasional invader group is composed of members of several arthropod classes.  Each group can differ widely in its biology and habits and therefore it is most important to properly identify your target pest.

Control – Occasional invader control begins outside the building with the reduction or elimination of moist harborage near the structure, such as removing debris, weeding plants beds, etc.  Seal all possible points of entry, such as holes in the foundation walls, adding door sweep, screen windows and doors, etc.

For outdoor treatments, baits are effective when used in a perimeter band, as well as micro-encapsulated formulations.
For indoor treatments, cracks and crevice or spot treatments will be used with an appropriately labeled pesticide.  Baits are also effective.

Call Westex today to rid your home of these occasional invaders.  We will develop a personalized program to fit your needs and guarantee your satisfaction.  Remember  “When we come…Pest go!!!”